What do we offer to Econometric students

Are you an Econometrics student looking for:

  • an interesting topic for your thesis,
  • a part-time job,
  • practical experience related to your study,
  • an inspiring job after your study
  • a combination of all four?

Then Pointlogic might be the answer for you - as we offer challenging opportunities for econometricians ready to start their career. Combine your thesis-writing with a part-time job and make sure that you can develop practical skills while being a student. In this way, your work is not only theory-based, but it allows you to implement the theory in practice. 

Work on interesting projects

The work is analytical (analysing data, identifying correlations, testing econometric models etc.),technical (working with databases, conversion of data) and client-focused (client support, writing manuals etc.). Therefore, you are able to apply diverse aspects of you study on the job.

Write your thesis at Pointlogic

We offer you a wide variety of topics for your graduate project.

Your profile

  • 3rd year Bachelor or Master student in a quantitative field (Econometrics, Mathematics or related study);
  • Good social and communicative skills;
  • Affinity with market research and data analysis;
  • Good command in spoken and written English;
  • Available for at least 16 hours per week;
  • Available for a period of at least 6 months.

Contact information

Would you like to know more about the challenging opportunities that Pointlogic has to offer you? Or do you want to apply for an internship? Please include a motivation letter & CV and email your application to careers@pointlogic.com.


Not yet convinced? Read the stories of two former Econometric students, now Analytical Consultants at Pointlogic. 


Jelle Lock

I started working at Pointlogic halfway 2014, during my Masters in Quantitative Marketing. I was working on my thesis three days a week and as a student assistant the other two. There were several reasons that motivated me to do my thesis at a company, but the most important one was to do work that would actually be relevant. For me, knowing that what I was doing could be put into practice and was possibly interesting and useful for clients, was a much better motivator than a high grade.

Part of the team and valuable from the start

Right from the start, I was part of different projects with a lot of motivated colleagues who were always eager to help and who invited me to take part in their project related discussions. This approach is very good for transforming any new employees (students or not) into effective members of the team in no time and also making them feel valuable.

Another reason why Pointlogic is a great place to learn and grow, is the number of knowledgeable people. Whether it’s on marketing or on statistics, there are a lot of people who have a very extensive background. And all of them are happy to share. In addition, as a team, Pointlogic is always working to keep its knowledge up to date, by having occasional or monthly meetings on a wide range of subjects. For example, we have meetings where we share knowledge on the use of R and others where we improve on our modelling methods. I can also mention seminars on subjects like "Media Agencies" - which  give me the feeling that I’m still learning more and more every day.

Great place for starting your career in Econometrics

All this focus on knowledge makes Pointlogic a very interesting company to work at, for an Econometrics student. Pointlogic is  a company that is always trying new and exciting methods, in order  to bring better insights to the clients, much more than other companies I had experience working with. The methods that we are using on a daily basis are, among others, Bayesian modeling, Variational Bayes, Gradient Boosting Machines and Random Forest.

Do you want to work with us? 

If you are interested in Media in combination with Econometrics and looking for a great place to write your thesis, work as a student or start your career you should definitely come by and see what we have to offer. You will work in a young and fun team, on exciting projects for very cool clients. This is why I decided to stay at Pointlogic after my thesis and am still having a lot of fun, as full-time analytical consultant! Please feel free to send an email or give a call if you have questions about what it is like to work at Pointlogic or doing your thesis at a company.


Marijtje van Leeuwen


'Predicting tune-in, a Bayesian multi-level model to explain and predict tune-in to premieres of US TV series”. This is the title of my thesis that I wrote at Pointlogic last year. To explain and predict tune-in percentages of new TV series, I had information on some show-characteristics, such as the genre of the series, and the channel it was broadcast on, but I also had a data set of respondent-level characteristics available (by show). The respondent-level data contained information on what media advertisements a respondent has seen, and on what his or hers personal TV viewing preferences were. Using this information, I designed a multi-level model that explained which people tuned-in for a certain type of show. Such a model can be used to optimize media campaigns to maximize tune-in for new shows, but it also gives general insights in the most important drivers of tune-in for premieres of series.

Great place to learn

An important advantage of using a Bayesian multi-level model in this case is that such models are very suitable when one wants to obtain out-of-sample predictions. In my thesis, I want to be able to provide accurate tune-in predictions for premieres of series that are broadcast on (for example) different channels than that are used in the modelling data. A Bayesian multi-level model could indeed provide such predictions, but there was a problem... My data set on multiple premieres of series was quite big, and estimating a relatively simple model already took several days. Therefore, I have used the much faster and relatively new Variational Bayes method to approximate the complex Bayesian multi-level models.

Good place to grow

You’re working in a very motivated team, that is eager to learn and to solve the challenges that come with every new project. It seems like none of the projects is standard, which means there’s always something new to learn. With every new project, we’re also trying to improve methodology. I am focusing on integrating more Machine Learning techniques in the project workflow, which should help us in understanding the effect of the variables on the dependent variable. By better understanding the effects, we should be able to develop better models in a smaller amount of time.

Every member of the team has its own focus points and responsibilities. This means that you can improve yourself especially in the area that you want to grow most.

The right working place for writing a thesis

What I mostly liked about writing my thesis at Pointlogic was the relevance of my thesis topic to the company. I worked with real data, and the results of my thesis provided useful insights for the company that can actually be used for future projects. Furthermore, I did not have much experience with Bayesian modeling before I started writing my thesis, nor did I have any experience with multi-level modeling and Variational Bayes. This was no problem at all, because an excellent thesis supervisor at Pointlogic guided me, and I feel like I’ve really learned a lot here.   

Why working at Pointlogic?

I think the two most important factors to make a job a nice one are diversity and challenges. Both of these together describe my work experience at Pointlogic so far very well. I have been working on various projects, and all of these projects had their own challenges that needed to be solved. I got a lot of responsibility in these projects already when I just started working, and it’s very rewarding to deliver results for a project that you’re really proud of. Despite this, I am also working in a team with very motivated people. If I am not able to solve a challenge by myself, there’s always someone willing to help out.

Do you like the stories of Jelle Lock and Marijtje van Leeuwen? You can write your own story at Pointlogic. Contact us today and join the team.