Students to access Pointlogic's Commspoint with Stukent's Media Planning book

New York – March 27, 2017 - For the first time in the media industry, Syracuse University professor Beth Egan and Pointlogic have created a state of the art communication-planning textbook, built in and around a live subscription to the strategic planning tool used by professionals in the US’s largest communication planning agencies.

The online book, ‘Media Planning Essentials’, was launched during the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising and was created to give students a hands-on insight into one of the most sophisticated strategic planning solutions available.

Reaching an agreement with Pointlogic in 2015, Beth Donnelly Egan, Advertising professor at Syracuse University, New York has incorporated Commspoint into her Communication planning course. In order to give students a hands-on approach of the overall communication planning process, Beth Egan has revised the book in 2016, including small assignments and projects. In this way, students will be able to make media planning decisions for specific clients and come up with a recommended channel mix, acquiring the skills of a media planner.

The updated textbook, ‘Media Planning Essentials’, was published in partnership with Stukent, a courseware company dedicated to higher education digital marketing. Together with the book, students can access a Commspoint license that lasts throughout the semester.

“At this moment, more than 50 clients in North America use Commspoint Influence. Therefore, this unique collaboration between Pointlogic and the academia is not only a gain for the students – who are the future media planners, but also for their potential employers. They will have a pool of skilled candidates with hands-on experience utilizing software that they’ve already incorporated into their internal media planning process”, commented Jay Wofsy, Managing Director Pointlogic North America.

"This groundbreaking textbook is a first on many levels. It is the first advertising textbook that takes a digital-first approach to the overall communications planning process, leading students through to an optimal channel mix for clients marketing efforts. It is also the first online media text with bi-annual updates, which ensures the most up-to-date information on the constantly changing media landscape. Through an exclusive agreement with Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company, students get the unique opportunity to learn these concepts while gaining valuable experience with the Commspoint channel planner optimizer. As the leading channel planning optimizer used in the industry, this hands-on approach prepares students with the actual skills they will use on the job", commented Beth Egan, Associate Professor at Syracuse University.

Tim Foley, Managing Director of Pointlogic UK, concluded: "The cooperation with Syracuse is a unique opportunity to put the most powerful planning tool available today in the hands of tomorrow's generation of communication planners. It is a chance for them to begin to understand the interplay of power, reach and cost and to be immersed in the world of modern planning.”


About Commspoint:

Pointlogic Commspoint is a strategic planning solution that helps brands and their agencies identify the optimal communication channel mix for their goods and services. The Commspoint system uses extensive consumer and media expert surveys, as well as the latest data analytics techniques to isolate the best contact points for clients' campaigns. Commspoint understands media capabilities, media usage probabilities, spot duplication patterns, reach and frequency, costs and more, which the software can translate into influence. In other words, brands can see how communications are changing behavior, preference and perceptions towards their product categories.


About Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company:

Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company, provides customised decision-support systems to improve marketing effectiveness. The products are backed by powerful analytical methods, extensive research and (big) data to enhance and enrich customers' marketing tools and processes. The combination of software and analytics allows customers to make more informed strategic and tactical business decisions, ultimately leading to greater ROI. Globally orientated, Pointlogic has product users in more than 80 countries around the globe and supports the decisions of large advertisers, media owners and media agencies, both on a tactical and strategic level. Together with Nielsen, Pointlogic delves deeper into the market to provide the key insights that businesses need to achieve campaign success.