Remco Prins: From marketing academia to Data science and Project Management

What’s your background and current role at Pointlogic? 

Currently I’m Project Manager and the team lead of the Strategy Data Science team. I joined Pointlogic 2 years ago after a career in marketing academia. Unlike most  people in my team, I did not study Econometrics, but Business Economics, at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After getting my PhD in quantitative marketing, I worked as assistant professor at both Erasmus and VU University Amsterdam. After more than a decade in academia, I wanted to make more of a direct impact with the work I was doing and work on faster-paced projects. Pointlogic could offer exactly that: I get to manage projects that take several weeks or months, and the deliverable is a direct answer to the client’s question, whether it is the number that tells them how effective their media campaign was or a tool that predicts TV viewing behavior of their target group.

Why is Pointlogic a good place to grow?

At Pointlogic, we are constantly trying to improve the way we deliver solutions to our clients. This means finding new methods to address existing client questions, or thinking of innovative ways to answer new questions for clients. The increased availability of data from many different sources provide many opportunities to develop new products or methodologies. Working at Pointlogic means that you will get a lot of possibilities to develop new skills, based on an individual development plan. Depending on your skills and interest, this could mean improving your (and your team’s) programming and modeling skills, or project management and client facing skills. I myself, made the transition from doing only project management to taking up people management as well.

What do you like about working at Pointlogic?

I really like the open and informal atmosphere and non-hierarchical nature of the organization. Although the company has been growing fast in the last couple of years, the organization still feels relatively ‘flat’. It helps that Pointlogic has a lot of young people. Many people start at Pointlogic straight after university, or even earlier through a thesis internship. The data science team I’m working in has an average age of about 25 years old. I’m the outlier in that sense, but it keeps me young at heart… In addition, the fact that Pointlogic works for many large international clients makes projects nice and exciting.

How does a normal working day look for you?

A ‘normal’ day does not really exist, but for me most days are a mix of project and management related tasks or meetings. As a project manager, I regularly meet with the other members of the project team to look at e.g. the latest model results or a draft version of the final presentation. Although I am not directly involved in coding and modeling in the project, it does require substantial quantitative knowledge to judge the outcomes and to be able to make the right decisions. I am in contact with clients about data deliveries and present the outcomes of the project either in person or in a conference call – depending on the client’s location. Before a project starts, I am involved in creating client proposals and project planning. Besides the projects, I have management related tasks, such as people management, and being involved in recruitment and development of the team. Having the opportunity to coach a young team of smart people is something I really like. 

What do you do in your free time?

I’m an avid runner, participating regularly in road races ranging from 5K to the marathon. The Rotterdam marathon being the highlight of the year, with the massive support of the home crowd. Fully willing to admit that I’m not in it for health or fun reasons (well, maybe a bit), but mostly performance driven. Although improving my race times will become more difficult every year, as I’m not getting any younger…

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