Pointlogic welcomes students from FAECTOR in the first Open Day

At Pointlogic we understand that if you have the talent and the right motivation, experience is not always necessary. In order to support and encourage talented Econometrics students to get to know us, we are hosting our first Open Day together with FAECTOR  (Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research).

The students will have a look around the office, will speak with data scientists, analytical consultants and software developers. They will get to solve a real-life case, simulating a challenge that one of our clients has encountered and they will look for solutions for them. After we'll dig into the case and see how the students think, we will (informally) end up the day with drinks.

Students can still apply on the FAECTOR website until Sunday, October 1 (23:59) via FAECTOR. 

Case study Open Day FAECTOR

The market for ‘ethical’ and natural beauty products has grown the last couple of years and consumers are also placing more value on sustainable behavior. It is expected that these trends will continue in the next couple of years. Therefore, one of our clients, a large cosmetics company is interested in obtaining a better understanding of this area. By having a better understanding of what makes people see a brand as being ethical or natural, they are better equipped to align their product lines and advertising messages to this. They have reached out to us to help them with this.

In the session during the day, we will give students the opportunity to work with the data we collected for our client, the cosmetics company and advise them about ‘being an ethical brand’. First students will have a look at how to bring back the number of attributes by creating clusters. After that, they will be asked to determine the important factors by creating an econometric model. We’ll finish the afternoon with each group presenting their findings in a short presentation.