Pointlogic speaks about online advertising campaign data to TU Delft students

On the 13th of June, Pointlogic will give a lunch lecture at Delft University of Technology, explaining students how to use data science to obtain insights in the media behaviour of consumers.

As a global market leader in strategic marketing solutions, we understand the necessity of though leadership. Our software is used by media agencies, advertisers, and media owners to get a better understanding of what media their consumers use. Therefore, explaining students how we use data science to project country-wide information can be a great case study for those interested in media and who would like to know more about a future job in data science.

What is lunch lecture about?

Pointlogic has developed a sophisticated suite of decision support solutions for each stage of the marketing process, and for this lunch lecture in particular, we will talk about one tool which can show how many people are reached by a particular combination of media. 

One of the new features in the software is a module in which users can load data of a multi-media advertising campaign that was run. This makes it possible to see how this campaign performed in terms of reaching consumers by different media. To obtain these insights for online advertising, we used several data science techniques to translate measurements on a country-wide level to the limited panel that is the basis of our software.

During the lecture we will show you why is our software so good and will demonstrate the (data science) techniques that we use, in order to deliver successful campaigns to our clients. If this topic interests you, don’t forget to attend the lecture, Tuesday 13 June, at 12:45, in the Lecture Hall Chip, at TU Delft.

This lecture is organised by the W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens' Study Association, within Delft University of Technology.