Pointlogic releases Commspoint Journey in NL together with Havas Media

Amsterdam, 23 August: Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company releases its syndicated Consumer Journey platform in the Netherlands, with Havas Media as launching partner.

Commspoint Journey expands the data-driven expertise of Havas Media on strategic communication planning, creating a closed-loop tool suite from client brief to planning execution and optimization. Thijs Muller, CEO of Havas Media, stated: ‘We always strive to understand our clients business from consumer point of view. With Commspoint Journey we can connect needs, emotions and decisions to media, creating meaningful connections between people and brands.’

Marcel van der Kooi, EVP Global Business of Pointlogic: ‘A great deal of thought went into the design of our Commspoint Journey research and software, but the underlying premise is simple. We identify and measure the key decisions and influences that affect consumers before, during and after they buy goods and services’.

Key benefits

Commspoint Journey is a large-scale consumer survey and software system that provides organisations with the research and tools they need to understand the decision journey and the complex mix of motivations behind buying behaviors. Released in 2015 in the US and rolled out shortly afterwards in LATAM, Asia and Europe, Commspoint Journey will now be present for the first time in the Dutch market. As a syndicated product, Commspoint Journey offers marketers large scale, cost efficient windows into multiple categories. The tool delivers fast insights on major categories and will strengthen existing comms planning processes.

The first version for the Dutch market covers 20 main categories with an average sample of 300 respondents and 44 sub categories with an average sample of 135 respondents. It has a database of 6000 detailed purchase journeys.

How does it work?

Commspoint Journey taps into the needs, emotions and decisions that guide everyday consumer interactions with brands. The survey is organised around a framework which spans before, during and after of a path to purchase, using the model below:

Being – Starting – Exploring – Buying - Enjoying

We cover various topics within these stages, with a particular focus on helping to identify opportunities to influence the purchase. Our questions explore category attitudes, social activities, media influences, point-of-purchase factors, journey durations, decision profiles and much more. The insights drawn from the research are then delivered through flexible and powerful software that enables you to quickly and easily interact with the data in a highly visual, intuitive way.


‘The partnership with Havas Media and the launch of Commspoint Journey in the Dutch market helps Pointlogic enlarge its footprint across the globe, by touching all major markets,’ said EVP Global Business Marcel van der Kooi of Pointlogic. It also marks a successful extension of Pointlogic’s portfolio in The Netherlands, alongside other planning solutions, such as Pinpoint & Pressure.

For Havas Media, Pointlogic is a logical choice to partner with when it comes to decision support solutions in the field of strategic marketing communication. Thijs Muller said: ‘For years Pointlogic has been providing us with essential software solutions which are embedded in the daily working of Havas Media, allowing us to optimize the plans we develop for our clients.  With Commspoint Journey we add a new innovative solution to our strategic planning process which ensures a thorough understanding of the consumer journey and the role that media plays in it. Due to the comprehensive framework Pointlogic developed, it is applicable to every category without losing sight of the fact that every consumer journey is unique.’


About Pointlogic

Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company, provides customised decision-support systems to improve marketing effectiveness. The products are backed by powerful analytical methods, extensive research and (big) data to enhance and enrich customers’ marketing tools and processes. The combination of software and analytics allows customers to make more informed strategic and tactical business decisions, ultimately leading to greater ROI. Globally orientated, Pointlogic has product users in more than 80 countries around the globe and supports the decisions of large advertisers, media owners and media agencies, both on a tactical and strategic level.

About Havas Media

Havas Media is the main media brand in the Havas Group and operates in 144 countries. Our mission is to unite brands and people through meaningful connections and drive business success. We service clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media, strategy, international management, digital, mobile, social media, experiential and entertainment. Our simplified and integrated structure has allowed us to build one of the most integrated, agile and responsive global teams in the industry.


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