Pointlogic goes to National Econometricians Day 2016

On February 2, Pointlogic will participate in the National Econometricians Day 2016 (Landelijke Econometristendag).

LED is the largest annual recruitment event for students on the field of econometrics, operations research and actuarial sciences in the Netherlands. The event will take place in World Trade Center, Rotterdam.

Why should you come to LED?

During the National Econometricians Day, students can get in contact with potential employers, embarking into company cases, enjoying a networking lunch and drink and a recruitment dinner. This year, Pointlogic together with more than 30 companies active in various fields of marketing, econometrics, operations research, finance and actuarial sciences, will give students the opportunity of having a glimpse into their working industry.

Pointlogic's case for LED

The case that Pointlogic will present is based on a real life project. Our client is a TV network that wants to optimise the promotional campaign for one of their drama series. During the case we will work with actual respondent-level viewing data to understand what drives people to tune-in to the season premiere of one of their drama series. To understand the effect of promotions, we also need to understand what other factors (e.g. viewing behaviour) explain whether a respondent will watch or not. You will be asked to analyse the data and use modelling and other statistical techniques to find the effect of promotions on tune-in to the series. You will also be asked to translate the results to a strategic advice for the client.

If you are not convinced yet that this event is for you, you can check photos of the LED 2014 and 2015 on the of the event, or their Facebook page. For further questions, please contact the committee.

See you at LED 2016!