Pointlogic Commspoint Express

Build better communications strategies with Commspoint Express

Fast, focused and flexible, Comspoint Express is a tool designed to enhance communications and brand strategy planning, by giving you proprietary market research data in hours rather than weeks. 

Pointlogic has teamed up with  ZappiStore to automate the process and make Commspoint Express as quick, cost-effective and user-friendly as possible. 

Simply choose your category and up to five communications tasks, such as a brand’s ability to create a connection or its power to drive awareness. Within a day or so, Commspoint Express delivers information and key statistics of how you or your competitors’ brands perform across the chosen tasks for 40 pre-identified contact points.

How is working?

Pointlogic Commspoint Express allows you to learn which media and communication touchpoints are most effective for your brand and category. Use these insights to optimise your communication planning strategies.

Get a deep dive into a category with tailored survey designs for almost 200 product categories among buyers or considers. Measure the reach and power of 40 category-specific paid, owned and earned touchpoints for a range of communications tasks. Link planning with effectiveness by measuring how strongly your brand and its key competitors are connected with the touchpoints.

What's included

  • Brand dashboard
  • Channel Reach ranking
  • Power Ranking
  • Connections Ranking
  • Brand Connections Summary
  • Comparative Rankings
  • Reach/Power Scatter plot
  • Power/Connections Grid
  • Top 5 Channels
  • Channel Task Spider



In detail

Brand Dashboard

How is your brand performing against the competition? This chart gives a high-level overview of core brand KPIs, including familiarity, affinity and consideration. Measure how successfully each brand is using communications touchpoints in the category with the Connections Influence score.

Channel Reach ranking

Rank channels based on their reach. Which of the 40 paid, owned and earned channels have greater reach against different audiences, for example what is the most effective way to reach non-buyers?

Power Ranking

Rank channels based on their suitability for different communications tasks. Determine which channels are the most suitable for specific communications tasks, such as improving perceptions quality or building trust in a brand.

Connections Ranking

The Connections Ranking shows you which channels consumer connect with particular brands. Learn how your brand compares to its competitors, and whether targeted investments lead to an increase in consumer connections.

Brand Connections Summary

See at a glance which contact points are most differentiated in terms of connections with brands, and how your brand shapes up versus the competitive set. Identify channel opportunities with strong power but low connections with competitors.

Comparative Rankings

Make detailed channel comparisons across various metrics, including brand connections, communications power, reach and frequency. Which channels is my brand more associated with than my competitors? Which channels are more effective against people who aren’t familiar with the brand vs. those who are?

Reach/Power Scatter plot

Understand the relationships and trade-offs between channel reach, frequency of usage and power for communications tasks, to help define a channel’s strategic role in the communications planning process.

Power/Connections Grid

Summary recommendation for each of the 40 paid, owned and earned channels based on their suitability for various communications tasks and the extent to which your brand is connected with them. Which channels should be prioritised and which should be ignored? Where is the greatest potential to improve, and where are the problem areas to address?

Top 5 Channels

A snapshot summary of the most effective channels for the 5 communications tasks chosen. What channels should be the top priority, based on the various objectives brands are trying to achieve (such as showing that a product is fun or high quality)?

Channel Task Spider

Compare channels head-to-head on their suitability for various communication tasks. For example, are TV adverts more likely to make consumers feel connected to a brand than online video pre-rolls? Do in-store displays do a better job of bringing taste to life than magazine ads?

For more information on the new tool, as well as on reporting, visit the product page, or get in touch with Zappistore team here.