Nielsen tests tool to measure cross media campaigns

Digital metrics, one of the main challenges of those who work with advertising and marketing, may be about to gain a new ally. By the end of this month, Nielsen will launch in Brazil the TAR (Total Ad Rating) tool, which aims to provide the market with a detailed view of multi-platform campaigns.

Broadly speaking, TAR will evaluate TV and digital campaigns and provide detailed data on the audience exposed to the ad online, on TV, and impacted on both media. The next step, with no release date yet, will be to include mobile audience data.

On a visit to Brazil last week, executives Theresa Brennan, general manager of advertiser solutions at Nielsen, and Sjoerd Mostert, founder and global CEO of Pointlogic, a company that was acquired by Nielsen last year, commented on this new service, which is being implemented in Partnership with GfK.

"We have some pilots projects in progress, and soon we’ll be sharing the first data. But what we have seen around the world, including in Brazil, is that TV remains the principal media, while digital is more efficient for targeting hard to reach consumers like the young", comments Theresa.

The executive also emphasized the importance of Brazil to the Nielsen business.

"Nielsen Brazil is a crucial market for us. Brazil is a developing country that invests a lot in digital, an area that is growing fast here," she says, adding, "We are very involved in the development of digital measurement for this reason." She points out that Nielsen's digital efforts are complementary to what the company is currently doing for television.

In this sense, new products in the field of metrics are on the Nielsen radar. The acquisition of Pointlogic, for example, represents "experience" and "more elaborate software" for data management, according to Mostert.

In relation to TAR, the data is eagerly awaited in Brazil. David Eastman, CEO of Pointlogic for Latin America, who was recently invited by Nielsen to take the lead in the digital area in Brazil, said that all agencies and advertisers are lining up for this new service.