Nielsen adds video-on-demand content ratings to its media planning tool for buyers

While video-on-demand, or VOD, viewing has increased significantly in the past decade, networks have struggled to monetize that audience beyond the traditional C3 and C7 metrics, which only account for viewing up to the first seven days after a program initially airs.

But that could change now that Nielsen is adding syndicated VOD Content Ratings from networks including Discovery, TBS and TNT to Nielsen Media Impact, the company’s total audience planning tool for agencies, networks and advertiser clients.

In doing so, the company will give buyers and sellers the opportunity to measure VOD viewers weeks, months and even years after an episode’s debut, “whether it’s to reach those valuable targets or to monetize them more effectively,” said Jessica Hogue, svp of product leadership at Nielsen.

Nielsen VOD Content Ratings, which launched in 2006, allow clients to compare VOD content to linear TV ratings. They are part of Nielsen’s total audience metric, but Nielsen encourages buyers and sellers to use the portions of the portfolio “that speak to their most pressing business needs,” said Hogue, adding that “it was the right time” to add the ratings to the company’s Media Impact tool, “given that agencies need to be able to plan and buy this segment of video more than they’ve been able to do in the past.”

  • VOD Content Ratings are being added to the tool from nine networks: Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV, Discovery, Music Choice and PBS.

Nielsen had partnered with Pointlogic on the Nielsen Media Impact tool, but after it acquired that company last year, “we’re trying to get that data set up to snuff with everything else we’re doing with total audience,” said Jay Nielsen, vp of product leadership at Nielsen. “So when these guys are out actually building media plans, that they’re using best in class data to do so.”

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