On the 13th of June, Pointlogic will give a lunch lecture at Delft University of Technology, explaining students how to use data science to obtain insights in the media behaviour of consumers.


Every marketer wants to improve their ability to influence brand relationships. That might mean understanding that marketing is a “long game” and we have to win people over before they are even thinking of buying. Or we might learn that decisions are made late in the day and the right message tone and channel can grab a purchase just as it is being put into the shopping basket. All this comes to life when we use a consumer journey framework to organise our consumer exploration. 

The consumer journey is currently a hot topic in media and marketing, as businesses move away from traditional purchase funnels and look for a more holistic way of analysing customer decision-making. Pointlogic and Tapestry are at the forefront of this evolution. 


In today’s media landscape, effective decision-making relies on having quick and easy access to the right and most actual information available. As a complement to the various planning and simulation solutions that Pointlogic delivers to optimize our client’s marketing and communication strategy, dashboards are an accessible solution that allows you to simplify access to data and to uncover insights coming from multiple data sources in a timely, resource-saving manner. 

However, many of the people we work with have built dashboards in the past and were somewhat disappointed with those experiences. At Pointlogic, we specialize in developing dashboards that are used to monitor and analyze the reach and impact of media and marketing campaigns, in conjunction with various brand metrics. Our dashboards are always custom-made, integrating multiple relevant data sources and using the most granular data available, ideally on a respondent / person level. This results in dashboards that allow users to quickly create insights and become experts in their data and not in the software. 

Now that we have achieved a growing number of happy dashboard users, we have gained some insights on what makes a dashboard or Business Intelligence project successful. We will share some of those insights along with an explanation of the techniques behind successful projects. This paper will take you deeper in the world of our dashboards, our specialization in media and the way we work with our clients. However, before we start, lets define Pointlogic’s dashboards.


As consumers become more demanding, brands must do more to communicate and engage effectively with their targets. However, with most companies conducting multiple communication activities across paid, owned and earned media channels, it's no surprise that many struggle to evaluate the success of their campaigns. Sophisticated data and analytical services can help brands measure communication effectiveness across multiple platforms. But why is this important and what are the benefits? 

This whitepaper will outline five fundamental reasons why strengthening your communication effectiveness insights could provide a significant boost to your brand's performance.


Marketers have more options than ever before when it comes to consumer engagement. That should make communication easier, but of course the challenge is to find the right ways to communicate. That depends not just on the category or brand, but on the types of people we are seeking to connect with, and the message we want to put out. There are a huge number of variables in play, so finding the right contact points and messages for a particular audience is where the new challenges for agencies and brands lie. A complex task requires a multi-function approach. Commspoint Influence is based on a proprietary research survey fine-tuned over 10 years of development. Advanced analytics transform the data into reach and effectiveness curves and powerful optimisation engines are hosted in software, that is so simple to use that clients frequently pick it up and go even before training. Commspoint Influence is a platform that can optimise decision-making and bring a quantitative edge to planning frameworks. In addition, it works closely with the planning frameworks and ideas of leading networks.  

Learn more about our solution and contact us with any questions you might have. 

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