Martina - From designated poet of Erasmus University to Research Consultant

"I have a background in Marketing Management with a focus on quantitative research methods. Within Pointlogic, I am working as a Research Consultant. The every-day challenge of this profile is to combine marketing strategy and marketing analytics to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Pointlogic has a very open, friendly environment. In the field of research, sharing knowledge is key to progress and improve. And here at Pointlogic, everybody is extremely available to explain and clarify research techniques, help you solve problems and develop in the most desirable direction. This makes it a fantastic place to grow.

From a professional point of view, I really like the horizontal structure of Pointlogic. As a junior Research Consultant, I have the chance to work on daily basis with senior colleagues, which is a great way to improve and acquire expertise. From a personal side, I am grateful for a welcoming and friendly environment. Coming from abroad is not always easy, but my colleagues make me feel at home every day.

How does a normal working day look for me? - First, I look at my projects’ planning, my to-do lists and evaluate the best schedule based on delivery priority. From that point onwards, you will most certainly find me writing codes to analyze data, adjusting configurations to make the tools up and running, or testing results to ensure high quality of the delivered products.

Marketing research is a great passion. But I like to keep some balance with other activities. These include yoga practice (very proud of my first full-tree pose last week); creative writing, classic literature and fine arts.

Fun fact: I am the designated campus poet for the Erasmus University.

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