Luiz Gini | Neogama/BBH

Neogama/BBH optimises integrated media strategies with Commspoint

The rapid evolution of marketing communications means consumers and brands are interacting in new and exciting ways in many countries across the world. Brazil is no exception, with digital technology, social media and mobility revolutionising how businesses approach communications. Award-winning advertising agency Neogama/BBH is at the forefront of these industry changes, having provided integrated media and communications strategies for household-name brands across Brazil since launching in 2002.

Neogama/BBH is an organisation that recognises the importance of digital media for today's consumers and businesses, and is always looking for new tools and innovations to enhance its full-service offerings. It was this forward-thinking approach that encouraged the company to seek market-leading data analytics solutions in order to optimise client communications activities across both online and offline channels. 

Navigating the Brazilian market

Luiz Gini is the Director General of Media at Neogama/BBH. He is responsible for the commercial, technical and strategic quality of the agency's Media department, as well as new business development. His role also encompasses the ongoing integration of the agency's Media operations into the Creative and Planning departments. This process has become increasingly important with the growth of digital marketing.

Gini says consumer behaviours are shifting in Brazil. Cable television still attracts large audiences and holds sway with advertisers and brands, while print, radio, out-of-home advertising and cinema have all repositioned their offerings to stay relevant. However, new media has been the primary driver of change over the last few years.

"The big star is digital," he explains. "Social is now a major communication and relationship-building tool for Brazilians. In some ways, social has become even more important than display media, search and videos for consumers."

Finding the right tool

Designing an integrated media strategy requires access to the latest market research and data analytics. Neogama/BBH learned of Pointlogic's sophisticated services in this area through word-of-mouth in the marketplace. The agency decided that Pointlogic's communications planning tool Commspoint could provide them with the added edge they needed to optimise client campaigns.

The software enables Neogama/BBH to identify the best contact points for specific brands by offering deeper insights into consumer behaviour. The organisation's version of Commspoint - Compose - is currently used across all clients and prospects.

"Commspoint Compose provides increased safety for the agency and our clients in relation to media mix recommendations," Gini says. "We now benefit from shared intelligence across multiple channels, which brings greater integration to our full-service offerings."

He added that the tool was crucial in helping the agency propose media strategies to land big-name brands including Ypê (Quimica Amparo), as well as optimise services to existing clients, such as Renault. 

Working with Pointlogic

Neogama/BBH's six-year partnership with Pointlogic is still going strong. In fact, the agency recently began using Pointlogic's new Journey product. The software identifies key stages in the consumer journey, allowing organisations to better understand how customers think and feel at different points on the path to purchase.

Gini says "Journey has given Neogama/BBH a new perspective on strategic planning and media recommendations. The agency can now tailor brand messages and remarketing activities to match relevant stages of the purchase funnel." According to Gini, products such as Journey show Pointlogic's commercial vision and sensitivity to market conditions. It is these qualities that have helped strengthen the relationship between the two companies over the years.

"The quality of Pointlogic's tools and services are very good," he concludes. "Furthermore, their support team is always quick to respond if we ever encounter obstacles, which shows great professionalism."