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In the world of currency media data, we understand that everyone needs to see the same numbers. However, for communication planning it is vital that the planning tools used blend with and complement the frameworks and thinking that the agencies work with. Commspoint was designed from the bottom-up to support such alignment. Everything from the name to the reach duplication algorithms can be custom built for each client. This has enabled us to create some great collaborative efforts with our clients where we have provided the functionality and algorithms and they have provided their vision on how strategic planning should work. The end result has been as unique and distinctive as their fingerprint to ensure the platform will breed and bleed your agency’s unique planning philosophy.  

There are probably as many planning frameworks as there are agencies. To a degree, they all reflect the historic minimalist framework of Awareness Consideration and Action. From those humble roots, there is a wild proliferation of structures. Some emphasize journeys and path to purchase. Some prefer a non-linear approach, while others will favor disruption and other dynamic strategies.  What they all share in common is that we at Pointlogic listen patiently, get close to the heart of the approach and then come up with a plan to deliver data and insights with screens and calculations, that are designed to allow the agency to give voice to their specific way of looking at the world.

In this document, we will look at the dimensions within which these collaborations have come to life.

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