About Pointlogic

Our Mission

is to help you optimise the return  on marketing budgets.

We provide solutions that will empower you to make the best decisions in a collaborative environment, taking into account various stakeholders and the dynamism of client/agency relationships. We believe in and endorse marketing processes that allow for creativity, while at the same time understanding the need to focus on sales and improving brand KPIs. We live in a world where creativity and mathematics come together. 
It is clear that marketing is rapidly changing, leading to increased investment in marketing analytics as well as technology. But far too often, data and optimisation don’t influence the decisions that relate to defining the marketing, brand or communication strategy. Companies find it hard to bridge the qualitative environment of marketing with the quantitative side of market research, web-traffic, sales, KPIs, etc.

Our Software

is customisable to fit your needs.

Pointlogic's software solutions are customised while considering both the data assets and marketing processes within our client’s environment. The software has a friendly qualitative front-end, with a back-end that takes care of all the mathematics and optimisation algorithms. Its design assures much more than merely providing answers; the interaction and collaboration make people better performers.
We believe that software is a necessity in making sure that research data, analytics, predictive capabilities and mathematical optimisation become an integral part of marketing processes. Our services not only include all the research analytics and predictive modelling, and can also help you to optimise your data assets. The combination of software and analytics will allow people to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to greater ROI from marketing budgets.