10 tips to get short-listed for an interview at Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company

At Pointlogic we receive a huge amount of CV's daily, which means we have a big talent pool to "swim" through. While we are very happy to have such a great range of applications, there are a lot of applicants that don't match our requirements, background, industry, work location or motivation. 

Even if we cannot respond to each candidate personally – we noticed some trends among the candidates that don’t make it to the interview phase, so we came up with a short manual for getting shortlisted for a interview at Pointlogic.

  1. Send us a strong motivation letter – a well-crafted cover letter can be the differentiator between two equally skilled candidates.
  2. Go a step further and mention why would you be a good match with Pointlogic at and how would you be a piece of its puzzle. 
  3. A URL to your website is not considered a valid application. Same applies to a CV without a motivation letter or vice versa.
  4. Sometimes, your career timing doesn't fit the job: you might be too superior or too junior for the position in discussion, so check that before applying. 
  5. Cross-check the CV with the cover letter – consistency is highly appreciated.  
  6. Double check if you have (almost) all the job requirements – sometimes we notice big gaps between the skills sought for a particular job and the skills highlighted by applicants.
  7. Make sure you are able to comply to the job’s working location or number of hours.  
  8. Even if it’s not a deal-breaker, the background can make a difference in the selection process.  
  9. Would you be able to adapt to the company culture?
  10. There is no brainer - but we notice that a lot of candidates don't know the company's name: we are called Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company

​The last remark is no rejection point, but pay attention to the layout and the length of your CV - we encourage creativity and coherence, but we don't appreciate lengthy CVs.

If you are one of the applicants that have received a rejection e-mail from Pointlogic, don’t discourage yourself! We hope these 10 tips/recommendations will help you with your further endeavors.

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