‘Sending messages to consumers through mass media – no longer a lucrative long-term strategy’

David Eastman, Managing Director for Pointlogic Latin America, explains how Commspoint Journey drives innovation in the communication industry from Mexico.

David Eastman explained in an interview for PRODU about the impact of Commspoint Journey in Mexico. 

"Commspoint Journey is a tool that maps the path of purchase to the decision of a Mexican consumer through more than 40 advertising categories, being mainly attractive to agencies that can apply the knowledge acquired with it to multiple clients from their portfolio” said David Eastman, managing director of Pointlogic Latin America.

According to Eastman, Mexican advertisers, agencies and media owners are facing challenges similar to those in all major global markets: how to  better connect with consumers and influence them. 

"In Mexico, consumers are becoming more informed and have more options than ever before. In addition, they tend to follow a very particular - if not several - buying path, in which there are a few key moments that influence their decision“.

Eastman concluded that, although the tool was just launched, the comments of the Mexican market have been very positive. 

"Commspoint Journey is our fastest selling and distribution tool in Brazil, and we expect similar success in Mexico," he added. "The changes are coming to Latin America, whether or not the communication industry is ready. Sending messages to consumers through the mass media is no longer a lucrative long-term strategy. Advertisers, agencies and media owners will succeed in the coming years if they have the ability to understand and respond to the needs and emotions of consumers at every key moment from the path to the purchase to the decision-making, " concluded Eastman.