Sjoerd Mostert

As the group CEO, my primary focus is to make sure we continue to do and grow our business in a healthy and sustainable manner.

As a result, satisfied clients, happy employees and reliable business partnerships are in my core focus. I therefore encourage anyone in these groups to reach out to me, in case we, as Pointlogic, do not live up to your expectations. In addition to the general management side of things, I am also responsible for the commercial leadership of our Activation vertical.

For enquires relating to Pinpoint in particular, or cross-media planning & buying in a more broad sense, I am the person to contact.

Jay Wofsy

My responsibilities at Pointlogic are wide ranging, from looking after Pointlogic’s North American Business unit, handling all aspects of our P&L, managing our New York based team, to setting strategies and goals with our HQ in the Netherlands.

I focus on sales in the US and Canada with regards to Pointlogic’s flagship products, Commspoint and Commspoint Journey. Further, I’m responsible for key global account management assignments and business development towards Pointlogic’s other software products and analytical services.

Pointlogic is high-tech and I’m high-touch - hope that I can help you with whatever questions you may have.

Daan van Hal

I’m currently responsible for our media and marketing solutions in the Dutch market.

Joined the company back in 2011 and fulfilled various roles at different locations. Started at our intelligence department, where I was closely involved with the development of our Strategy products, such as Commspoint Influence and Journey. Moved to our New York office in 2014 to oversee client specific implementations. In the US, I worked more closely with our clients to make sure that our offering is fully customized to their unique planning philosophy.

This is also what I’m doing in the Dutch market at the moment, making sure that our solutions stay relevant and continue to help our clients with making better decisions.

Dominic Edwards

I'm currently based out of Pointlogic's New York office, where I am a director of modelling and analytical services.

Over the last few years I’ve been heavily involved with analytical R&D here at Pointlogic; having been the point person for our adoption of Bayesian statistical methods in modelling projects.

I do a lot of analytical work focused on the quantification of relationships, often understanding media effectiveness. Outside of that, I am active in developing forecasting frameworks and regularly participate in predictive modelling competitions.

Lisa Antonucci

As the Director of Client Relations at Pointlogic USA, I am responsible for servicing our North American clients in the US and Canada on a daily basis and the main client relations point person across the Pointlogic Effectiveness Link.

I typically field and answer questions ranging from how a user obtains access to software, to why a user is seeing certain results in a report. I continually ask clients questions about their usage of the various software including for which of their clients the tool is used, the frequency of usage and the purpose, including new business pitches. In addition to asking questions, I also listen in order to gain insights on what are their pain points, what we’re doing well and can be done to improve our various software solutions and services.   

Lee Levitz

As VP of Client Solutions, my focus is on quantifying Performance and the effectiveness of media. 

I work closely with media owners helping them to demonstrate the power of their ad platforms to their clients through modeling and software, as well as how to build audiences through more effective promotional planning.  Some of my projects also address helping brands understand the “whys” of Performance, including driver analyses, to determine what is impacting their KPIs and their core business. 

For 20 years, I have worked in the media and marketing industry helping my clients drive sales through more effective marketing.  I have had multiple leadership roles in both Marketing, Media, Research & Insights, and Sales with a strong track record of delivering growth. 

If you have questions about how your media and marketing programs are performing, feel free to reach out!

Tim Foley

As a Managing Director for Pointlogic UK, I head up the commercial side of our Strategy products such as Commspoint Influence. 

I am deeply involved in the design of strategic planning tools and also how they can be customised and adapted to suit the specific ideas and approaches of our clients. With a background in media research, I also help to work out the design of research surveys and data to power planning.

Phil Spencer

As Business Director I’m responsible for our UK business unit, providing software solutions and analytical services to agencies, media owners and brand owners.

The common thread is translating the answers to the complex questions our clients have into simple and actionable outputs. Having previously worked at a leading media agency and with a background in econometric modelling, I have a deep understanding of how analytical solutions can be applied to improve marketing effectiveness.

If you have a challenge, please get in touch!

David Eastman

As Managing Director for Pointlogic Latin America, I lead a small, highly specialized team with a wide range of specializations from statistics and mathematics to communications and media planning.

Our passion is adapting new, innovative technologies from North America, Europa and Asia to the Latam market to keep our agency, advertiser and media owner clients ahead of the curve.

If your Latin America strategy is in need of customized tools and research, fresh new thinking and winning ideas to really set you apart from the competition, please contact me.

Ricardo Rodrigues

You can contact me if you have questions regarding the consumer decision projects in Brazil, involving branding, consumer preferences, habits and perceptions.

In addition, I am responsible for the development of excel dashboards in order to optimize SKUs, prices, promotions, and other marketing decisions.

Annette Kunst

I am responsible for Pointlogic’s expanding business in Asia for our total product range. As a Business Director I am always fascinated to see how well our solutions are received by our customers, creating big impact on how they collaborate with their clients. 

Contact me for any questions, especially about pricing, product details, product availability, etc.



Vivian Lu

As a senior research manager based in Singapore, I provide client services in APAC and responsible for market research for a range of products in Asia: including Commspoint, Consumer Journey, Brandpoint and Valuepoint.  

Marcel van der Kooi

As EVP Global Business, I head up the commercial side for our Performance products like Brandpoint and Valuepoint.

I joined Pointlogic in 1997 and over the years, I have been responsible for the development of a wide range of planning and effectiveness solutions. I have worked and lived both in Europe and the US and my activities span the globe. I love to team up with clients to help them maximize the value of their data and with the measurement of their marketing and communication efforts, in the most accurate and actionable way.

If you need help, feel free to contact me.

Harald Hoogstrate

At the moment I am heading our Activation team which develops the tactical media planning tools such as Pinpoint, NMI, InTune and Pressure.

I work on the product strategy, design and methodology. In the past I have also headed our development team and our analytics team and have an active interest in our analytics across our product portfolio. 

Edgar de Gelder

Within Pointlogic I am responsible for all our tactical planning tools like Pinpoint and Media Impact.

If you want to know anything about tactical planning or you have great ideas on how to improve our products, please contact me.

Iris Donkers

One of my main goals is to make our solutions fit the exact needs of our clients. With a background in market research, having worked at one of the leading global media agencies and started at Pointlogic in the intelligence department, implementing software and leading modeling projects, I thoroughly understand the analytical solutions for challenges in the world of media and marketing. I love to interact with our clients, in order to understand how our solutions can help them to better deal with their business challenges and what can we do to help them. Personally, I truly believe that the power is in cooperation and learning from each other.

Raymond van Bijnen

I am currently based in Pointlogic's Rotterdam office, where I am Finance & Control Manager. In addition, I am responsible for Facilities and IT-infrastructure.

Don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any question regarding all the key points mentioned above. 

Elvira van Noort

I am responsible for HR in a broad sense. Recruiting the right people and making sure there is a team that helps a new colleague getting up to speed.  Working together with (senior) management to make sure we can offer everybody the challenge he/she is looking for and in that way, contributing to the growth of an individual and of the company as a whole.

You can contact me for any questions on HR matters or look at the sector ‘Careers’ on our website for opportunities.

Domenico Schipani

As a Market Implementation Manager, my role is to lead the implementation of our software in various markets around the world.

It is about making sure that all the bits and pieces are connected and work together towards the same direction, whilst keeping in mind the specific nuances and features needed to excel in any particular market. I work on a daily basis with Pointlogic's partners and clients, in order to provide clear directions for our software and database developers, and to ensure that top quality standards are achieved by the team and the product. I have a background in Marketing Management, and two of my main passions are technology and football.

Nira de Waele

As a Market Implementation Manager within the Activation team I’m responsible for the overall quality of our cross-media planning tools in several markets.

In my everyday work I try to translate customers needs and requests into feasible, understandable and user friendly solutions. I’m also involved in supporting and training our customers, so they can get the most out of our products.

If you have any suggestions on how to make Pinpoint even better, I’d love to hear it!

Robert Luksen

Being involved with software and model development for almost 20 years, within all parts of Pointlogic, gave me the ability to oversee and contribute to all our software solutions for our clients. 

Now as Technical Director, I still love designing solutions, adapting new technologies and working with the developers, ensuring that these technologies and insights are shared between our products. Combining all of this with continuous improvement in development and R&D environment, we (developers and I) are able to provide our clients with user friendly and smart software.


Stefan de Koning

If you are a new or existing customer, looking to consolidate and connect various data sources into a comprehensive data warehouse, you can reach out with any question.

In addition, as Senior Specialist in Data Management, I am the go-to person, if you want to perform analytical and media related queries and create dashboards to directly interact with the data from these data sources.



Melanie van Kempen

I’m a senior project manager, working at Pointlogic since 2007.

With a background in econometrics, I’m highly involved in modeling work for our international clients. I have a broad experience with all aspects, from the set-up of a questionnaire to the delivery of insights and software. I mostly enjoy translating the often quite technical model outputs into easy-to-understand insights, ensuring a very actionable delivery.

Remco Prins

As Project Manager in the Performance vertical, I manage various Valuepoint projects that help clients to evaluate and optimise their media spend with regards to key performance indicators.

In addition, i am responsible for survey based Brandpoint projects to identify the impact of e.g. consumer perceptions on brand related outcomes for the client. I joined Pointlogic in 2015, after a career in marketing academia. This background enables me to translate between the technical aspects and the client perspective of a project.


Maaike Petit-Kruyswijk

I started working at Pointlogic almost 8 years ago. With a background in Mathematics, I’ve had the privilege to contribute to many areas of the work we do: from writing algorithms to be implemented in our Commspoint software package to overseeing client specific implementations of Brandpoint, Commspoint and Valuepoint. My expertise lies in the strategic brand and media planning, although I’d be happy to explain the broad spectrum of our solutions to you.

Currently, my focus lies in project management and people management. Therefore, I spend more of my time in the Rotterdam office. The clients I work with are mainly based in the UK, Singapore (where I was stationed for 1.5 years) and the US.

Sanne Willems

As Analytical Consultant, I make sure that our strategic software solutions can answer the complex questions that clients have.

I am involved in adapting our solutions to match the client’s specific needs and wishes. Besides this, I am part of the team that is responsible for the general intelligence in our software.

If you have any questions related to the technical details or intelligence behind our solutions, feel free to contact me.

Jack Ickenroth

As a senior Project Manager I am overall responsible for the successful design, execution and delivery of our software products.

I work closely with our analysts and software designers and transfer the requests of our clients to the project team. By continuously monitoring the progress, I make sure that we deliver our products as expected and on time. I have experience with the delivery of our Commspoint, Journey and Brandpoint products, as well as client specific software solutions for agencies and brand owners.

Laura Dragulin

I am responsible for all-around Pointlogic content management: from facilitating and managing content creation to content distribution.

As Content Manager, I maintain Pointlogic's brand identity across all media channels and I collaborate in defining marketing plans and content strategy. 

You can contact me if you have any media and PR questions, or inquiries regarding the content of Pointlogic's website, brand, media partnerships or social media presence.


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We are always on the look out for talent.

Check the positions that we have open at this moment, at our office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Kirsten Hofman

I am always on the lookout for talent!

 If you are interested in one of these vacancies, I look forward to receiving your application with motivation letter and CV, by email (


Nathalie Morales

I reside in the NYC office, where I provide client support for all North American clients across multiple Pointlogic software solutions. 

Using my years of media planning agency experience and fully understanding the needs of planners, I help our clients navigate our applications to identify how they can be incorporated for media planning needs. My other responsibilities include working closely with our clients to provide trainings, gain feedback on how we can continue to evolve our offerings to fit their needs and answer any questions that might arise. I enjoy working with our clients, meeting with teams and also providing one-on-one support to ensure their success.

Anne Mutsaerts

As an Analytical Consultant based in Singapore, I provide client support in APAC and strive to find analytical solutions together with our clients that tackle challenges in their business. With a background in Econometrics, I help clients to understand how to translate model outputs into actions and I do my utmost to answer all technical questions clients might have concerning the models in our software. My main focus is Valuepoint, Commspoint and Bizpoint.

In addition, I am part of the team that is responsible for the general intelligence within our software and the implementation of our Commspoint software package.

Please contact me for any questions.

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