Understand your consumers better through contact point research

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The marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux, and brands must use all the tools at their disposal if they want to successfully engage with consumers. Evaluating the suitability of different media channels is an important piece of the puzzle, which is why contact point research is crucial for gaining new insights into behaviour.

Brands can analyse past campaign data or use consumer surveys to identify people's attitudes to specific contact points. However, in a data-driven world, some marketers may feel that surveys lack the objectivity and depth that statistical analysis, such as econometric modelling, can provide.

At Pointlogic, we specialise in communications planning and feel both techniques have roles to play in campaign evaluation and preparation. Nevertheless, we believe surveys are often underutilised. Their benefits include the ability to:

  • Cover a broad range of contact points in a single survey
  • Make like-for-like comparisons across channels more easily
  • Better explore contact point trends for multiple audiences
  • Gain insights straight from the source - the consumer

The time and cost of conducting surveys may have traditionally prevented marketers from adopting this approach. However, the development of automated tools, such as Pointlogic's Commspoint Express, means survey results can be delivered in hours rather than days or weeks. Learn more about survey-based insights through innovative tools like Commspoint Express by reading this paper. 

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