Revolutionise channel planning with Commspoint Influence

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Marketers have more options than ever before when it comes to consumer engagement. That should make communication easier, but of course the challenge is to find the right ways to communicate. That depends not just on the category or brand, but on the types of people we are seeking to connect with, and the message we want to put out. There are a huge number of variables in play, so finding the right contact points and messages for a particular audience is where the new challenges for agencies and brands lie. A complex task requires a multi-function approach. Commspoint Influence is based on a proprietary research survey fine-tuned over 10 years of development. Advanced analytics transform the data into reach and effectiveness curves and powerful optimisation engines are hosted in software, that is so simple to use that clients frequently pick it up and go even before training. Commspoint Influence is a platform that can optimise decision-making and bring a quantitative edge to planning frameworks. In addition, it works closely with the planning frameworks and ideas of leading networks.  

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