Pointlogic Valuepoint for media owners

Advertisers and agencies are demanding more accountability from media owners than ever before. Brands need to know the effectiveness of each element of their marketing campaigns to ensure their advertising money is delivering a positive ROI against core KPIs, so today's media owners are expected to do much more than simply measure eyeballs.  

You need the ability to evaluate your media channels' individual contributions to a brand's specific campaign objectives, whether that's raising awareness, increasing sales, driving brand equity or more. The best media owners now work much more closely with agencies and advertisers to align brands' communication needs with media asset delivery.  

Gaining greater insight into your clients' marketing campaigns not only helps you set yourself apart from competitors, but it also enables you to build stronger relationships with brands and optimise the performance of your assets.  

Our solution

Pointlogic Valuepoint is a decision support system that helps you deliver the brand-specific insights to show how truly effective your media channels are. Our solution uses advanced modelling techniques that leverage the latest research, as well as media reach and frequency data, to deliver accurate and unbiased results across traditional and digital platforms. These include TV, online, social media, sponsorships, in-store and out-of-home advertising.

Insights derived from the data are delivered through our high-end simulation software, which enables you to quickly ascertain the individual contributions of each media mix element. The user-friendly layout is easy to navigate and helps you measure the ROI for your advertisers' main communication objectives.

Valuepoint also has a sophisticated scenarios function that allows you to analyse hypothetical budget situations so you can see how adjusting funding for different media or the entire budget will affect clients' performance. 

How does Valuepoint help media owners?

Valuepoint can help you derive new insights from the data you or your clients possess across multiple media channels. Using the solution, you can:

  • Understand each media's contribution to specific KPIs and sales
  • Compare the ROI of multiple creative executions
  • Identify diminishing returns to maximise advertisers' spend
  • Create a range of what-if scenarios for optimising clients' media mix

Valuepoint's features ensure you are armed with the right information to enhance the effectiveness of promotions across your assets. Specifically, the solution allows you to:

  • Improve accountability across your channels
  • Increase competitiveness against other media owners
  • Engage with more advertisers directly
  • Optimise the performance of your assets
  • Enjoy greater creative control over the content on your platforms
  • Put clients at the centre of your offering

If you have any questions about Valuepoint or would like to know more about any of Pointlogic's marketing solutions, please contact us today to drive the effectiveness of your campaigns.