Pointlogic Valuepoint for brand owners

Brands need to know the effectiveness of their marketing communications to truly understand how to better connect with consumers and make best use of their marketing budget. This is often easier said than done, especially as most companies advertise across multiple paid, earned and owned media channels.

Media consumption has become increasingly fragmented, with a dizzying array of contact points available on various devices and platforms. Obtaining an integrated overview across these different activities is often made even more difficult when brands enlist the services of multiple agencies on campaigns.

Gauging each activity's contributions is crucial for measuring how your marketing is performing across brand KPIs, whether you're looking to increase sales, drive brand equity or build stronger relationships with consumers. With the right information, you can make better use of marketing budgets, hold more informed discussions with media agencies and media owners, and optimise future campaigns. 

Our solution

Pointlogic Valuepoint is designed to guide brands in their journey towards more successful marketing campaigns by offering detailed insights into how different media impact consumer relationships with goods and services.Valuepoint utilises the latest research and advanced analytics techniques, including respondent-level modelling using Bayesian methodologies, to provide granular results across all major paid, earned and owned media. These include TV, online, social media, sponsorships, in-store and out-of-home advertising.

Insights derived from the data are delivered through our high-end planning and simulation software, which enables you to quickly ascertain the individual contributions of each media mix element. The user-friendly layout is easy to navigate and helps you to measure the ROI of your marketing budget for various stages of the path to purchase, such as awareness, consideration and post-sale, depending on your specific priorities.

Valuepoint also has a sophisticated scenarios function that allows you to analyse hypothetical budget situations so you can see how changing funding for different media or the entire budget will affect performance.

Pointlogic Valuepoint in action

A financial institution in Asia was looking to gain more control over its media budgets in order to better understand optimal budgets and improve engagement with its partner agencies. Pointlogic worked with the client and its existing research provider to deliver clear ROI results for the various media used during a new product launch.

The modelling was done in two phases. First, we used respondent-level data from the company's research to calculate ROI towards brand KPIs – awareness and preference. Next, we linked these brand KPIs with sales. The client is now aware of the actual impact of marketing towards the brand and sales, as well as how to achieve key targets.

An interesting observation is how this information is used to further evolve the marketing function. Not only are the results used directly to impact budgets, but also the fact-based approach creates a more metric-driven process with agencies. This is undoubtedly an outcome that the agencies warmly welcome and fully endorse.

How does Valuepoint help brands?

Brands can use Valuepoint to leverage important insights from their data. The solution helps companies to:

  • Understand each media's contribution to brand KPIs and sales
  • Compare the ROI of multiple creative executions
  • Determine diminishing return levels to avoid budget wastage
  • Analyse media and creative execution synergies
  • Explore what-if scenarios to find the optimal media mix

Armed with these insights, brands can optimise specific campaigns and wider marketing activities in a number of ways. Valuepoint enables brands to:

  • Drive accountability across multiple channels and departmental silos
  • Enhance direct engagement with media owners
  • Strengthen communication with creative and media agencies
  • Improve media channel integration
  • Better understand how consumers interact with your brands

Do you have a question about Valuepoint or would you like to know more about the solution? Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll help you optimise the evaluation of your marketing campaigns.