Pointlogic releases Commspoint Journey in Mexico

São Paulo, December 7th, 2016 –  Pointlogic, software and analytics leader, part of the Nielsen group, releases in Mexico the Consumer Journey software, a tool for planning, creating and executing advertising campaigns that has changed the way of investing on media. This first version for the Mexican market covers 41 categories and has a database with 7,800 consumer journeys.

“As the purchase behaviors are not mechanical processes that follow predetermined patterns, agencies and advertisers need a better way to understand what consumers are thinking in all stages of the purchase decision, in order to better explain the different paths that consumers follow and inconsistencies that they have when they are buying products and services in different scenarios”, said David Eastman, managing director of Pointlogic Latin America. He adds that Commspoint Consumer Journey has all information needed in all stages of purchase decision, and helps to improve the ROI (Return on Investment).

The first Mexican edition covers 41 categories and has a database with approximately 7,800 Mexican consumer decision processes. The tool is the result of a survey realized in 5 regions of the country (Valle de México, Bajío, Norte, Centro and Sureste) including nine cities. Consumers answer to several questions, like:

  • Was it a planned or an impulse purchase?
  • What were your needs in each stage?
  • The purchase was offline or online?
  • What emotions have you had in each stage of the process?
  • What were the purchase triggers?
  • Why have you gone to a store or an online website?
  • Are you willing to try new brands or are you a brand loyalist?

Some of the categories are: automobile, clothing, baby products, electronics, confectionery/snacks, package food, household products, fuel/motor oil, household appliances, personal use products, pet food, non-prescription drugs, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, travel, mobile phone plans, online video services and finance. 

The pioneer clients in Mexico are TV Azteca, Mindshare and MEC. The expectation, according to Eastman, is that the tool will have the same success it had in Brazil:

“Commspoint Journey is very relevant on a local level, it is multicategory and it is completely adapted to the Mexican market. Before we started the survey we had the inputs of three clients and the demand is expected to rapidly increase, as it happened in Brazil, where nowadays there is a database of over 17,000 consumer journeys and it is present in more than 20 of the biggest advertising agencies, media and advertisers”. Commspoint Journey, concludes the executive, is a tool that is part of a global tendency in the advertising market, that has been changing the way media investments are done through the integration of planning and creative; soon it will be released in the rest of Latin America.

About Pointlogic

Company acquired by Nielsen in March, 2016, Pointlogic is a global leader in marketing decision-supporting systems, that allow for more precise media planning, which generates a better ROI (Return on Investment). Pointlogic is a multinational company headquartered in Rotterdam, existing since 1992, and present in more than 100 countries with offices in São Paulo, Rotterdam, London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, Singapore and Shanghai. Pointlogic is responsible for an extensive portfolio of activities, has worked with over 200 blue chip clients, which include the biggest advertising agencies, almost all media companies and big advertisers in all continents.

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