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Pointlogic at Marketing Intelligence Symposium

On March 15, Pointlogic was present at the Asset | Econometrics’ yearly symposium, scouting talent in the field of Marketing Intelligence.

The symposium, titled this year “Discover the art of smart marketing!”,  was open for all members of Asset | Econometrics and for students from other studies at Tilburg University, scientists, alumni and company visitors.

The case

The case that Pointlogic has presented was based on a real life project (the optimisation of the promotional campaign of a TV network for one of their drama series). During the case we worked with actual respondent-level viewing data to understand what drives people to tune-in to the season premiere of one of their drama series.

To understand the effect of promotions, we also needed to understand what other factors (e.g. viewing behaviour) explain whether a respondent will watch or not. Econometrics students enrolled for Pointlogic case were asked to analyse the data and use modelling and other statistical techniques to find the effect of promotions on tune-in to the series. In the end, they were asked to translate the results to a strategic advice for the client.

Pointlogic at Orientation Day - Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing 

On March 8, Pointlogic was present at the Orientation Day Rotterdam (FAECTOR - Faculty Association Econometrics and Operations Research), with the same case.

The case

Pointlogic, a Nielsen company, gave a presentation about Marketing Intelligence and shared the experience in this field. The students present at the event could enroll in a case based on a real life project (the optimization of brand positioning and communication strategy of a mobile telecom provider).

During the case, students could work with actual consumer research data on brand preferences and opinions. They were asked to analyse this data and use modelling and other statistical techniques to find relations between consumer preferences and opinions. The results needed to be translated to a strategic advice for the client. As part of the case, the participants had the opportunity to play around with the specific software that Pointlogic developed for this project.

Working at Pointlogic

If you were unable to attend these events, but you are interested in working with us as a student or after graduation, you can read more on career opportunities at Pointlogic, or send us an e-mail.