Pointlogic develops leading marketing cloud application for Nielsen

Nielsen has announced the launch of its new marketing cloud, which will enable businesses to access the data and tools they need to plan, activate and analyse their media campaigns. 

Nielsen and Pointlogic are helping marketers transform how they reach, engage and activate consumer connections in the most effective way, with a next generation software app,  the Nielsen Marketing Cloud.  

The Nielsen Marketing Cloud utilises a combination of first-party and third-party data, along with best-of-breed applications, to help clients deliver more effective cross-platform marketing to their brand consumers. One of the key applications that leverages the Nielsen Marketing Cloud is Nielsen Media Impact, a sophisticated Total Audience media planning system developed by Pointlogic.

Media Impact integrates Reach, Resonance and Reaction data within a single platform, so clients can plan and optimize the impact of their media investments across the entire planning workflow.  Media Impact was designed for a world where media content is personalized, on demand, and everywhere. The open platform and cloud technology combines client data and consumer segments, and currency quality respondent level media measurement to provide a 360º view of the consumer and their media behaviour. These insights are combined with powerful predictive modelling and optimization to help clients identify the most effective ways to engage brand targets across platforms and devices. 

"Never before has data played a more important role in driving marketing efficiency, but the complexity of centrally managing and employing this data has grown as well," stated Mark Zagorski, Executive Vice-President of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud. 

The Nielsen Marketing Cloud is the only solution that provides highly accurate and scalable data for marketers to plan, activate and refine cross platform campaigns through one integrated easy-to-use system."

Nielsen Media Impact was launched in the U.S. and Italian markets in 2015, and the company has more than 50 agency, advertiser and media clients to date. Within the next year, Media Impact will be available in eight countries across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The NMC is set to contain over 150 third-party media and content activation and planning applications. Nielsen is integrating these programs, including NMI, into the cloud over the next few months, so stay tuned for more information and updates from Pointlogic over the coming weeks, adds Elizabeth Ausman S., Senior Vice President Product Leadership Nielsen.