Pointlogic – software provider for Media:Tijd TBO

Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company will deliver the new Time Spent study (Media:Tijd – tijdsbestedingsonderzoek (TBO)), via Pinpoint, from March 24 onwards.



The time spent study from Media: Tijd provides detailed information about what people do across the day.

In time frames of 10 minutes, respondents indicate what general activity they do (e.g. cooking, relaxing, shopping), what media they consume (e.g. reading a newspaper or book, listening to the radio, watching TV) and via what device.

To generate valuable insights from this data, Pointlogic will provide Pinpoint as a software solution. This Pointlogic solution is perfect for media professionals working in media agencies, media owners and advertisers who want to understand exactly how clients, prospects and other targets behave and consume media. Pinpoint is easy to use and designed for visualization of data insights.

For more information on Pinpoint, please contact Iris Donkers, via e-mail or on  010-281 60 60.