Philip - From Graduate Student Assistant to Analytical Consultant & Data Scientist

"Given my background in Econometrics with a specialization in Quantitative Marketing and Business Analytics at Erasmus, I was looking for a job in which I could directly apply my knowledge from university as well as continue to develop my knowledge in Machine Learning and general coding skills. Pointlogic was able to offer me a position where I can combine the best of both worlds, as I am currently 50% active as an Analytical Consultant and spend the rest of my time working as a Data Scientist.

I would say it is an exciting time to join the company now. Since the entire company is growing, you will inevitably grow with it. After the acquisition by Nielsen (over 40,000 employees worldwide!), there has been a great influx of new and exciting clients, as well as many other business opportunities. A personal example is that I got to travel to the United States a few weeks ago to follow a data-related training at a Nielsen office in the greater Chicago area.

Overall, I would say there is a great emphasis on research and development such that Pointlogic can continuously keep improving itself, while staying on top of the latest techniques in advanced (Bayesian) statistics and machine learning. Additionally, there is plenty of time allocated to develop yourself, and there are always other smart people around who are willing to help. What really appeals to me is the international character of the company.

Besides the fact that Pointlogic has clients in so many different countries, the presence of different cultures and backgrounds within the office(s) is also very noticeable. When you have a team with intelligent and competent people from all around the globe it makes working life a whole lot more enjoyable.

How does a normal working day look for me? - I typically start my day between 9:30 and 10:00, where others might start early to be able to leave before rush hour. Both are fine as long as you get your work done, which really speaks for the flexibility in working hours within the company. Most of my day is spent playing with data in either R or Python, where the exact tasks vary depending on the stage of the project of course.

In the beginning of a project, it’s mainly processing and visualizing data and later on I get to do modelling and interpret output to turn it into actionable solutions for clients. Throughout the week, I usually have a few meetings scheduled, some for project updates, others for training/workshops. I have rarely been bored during the day and I don’t have to spend my evenings working.

In my free time, I like to play and watch football, so that’s always high on my priority list. Next to this, I often go for social activities/drinks with some of the team members here, or play video games."

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