On April 26, Pointlogic will attend for the first time the Operations Research Conference (ORC), with a challenging case for the participating students.


David Eastman, Pointlogic's Latin America CEO explains how Commspoint Journey drives innovation in the communication industry from Mexico.


While we cannot respond to each candidate personally – we noticed some trends among the candidates that don’t make it to the interview phase, so we came up with a short manual for getting shortlisted for a interview at Pointlogic.


What factors drive a person's purchase decision? This is an important question that every brand must answer, if they are to succeed in their industry. After all, it relates to many key areas, from how your brand is perceived to what makes people choose your products over a competitor’s (or vice versa). And it’s crucial if you want your marketing and brand positioning to hit the mark and resonate with your core audience.  

Chances are you’re gathering extensive quantities of data to answer these questions, but there is a danger that you can collect so much that it becomes difficult to understand and generate meaningful insights. That’s where Pointlogic Brandpoint comes in. Utilising comprehensive research, the latest Bayesian modelling techniques and simulation-based software functionality, Brandpoint enables you to develop the best brand strategies for your target audiences, avoid costly missteps and get the most out of your marketing budget.


It is an important part of any marketer’s role to run campaigns that boost the performance of a brand, while measuring the success or failure of a particular campaign through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, awareness or purchase consideration. To fully understand the effect of a campaign, marketers need to be able to assess the individual contributions / efficiency of each media touchpoint individually or in combination.

Marketing Mix Modelling is a valuable tool for marketers to measure the effectiveness of their investments and optimize future activities. In addition, Pointlogic has developed a completely alternative solution, called Valuepoint where the modelling is based on understanding from the perspective of individual consumer and then rolling up from there to see the bigger picture.

Brand Health is a result of consumer beliefs and behavior, as such we need a respondent-level approach to understand media effectiveness.

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Facebook, Google and WhatsApp in the top-3 of the BrandIndex BUZZ Mexico 2016 ranking The ranking measures the perception of Mexican consumers on more than 250 brands and 16 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s.


Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company, specialist in customised decision-support systems to improve marketing effectiveness launches Commspoint Journey in Mexico.