Juri - Software Engineer from Delphi to .NET

"I started working at Pointlogic 9 years ago, when we were using Delphi instead of .net. At this moment I am Lead Software Developer for two Pointlogic products, and I am still enjoying the new challenges coming along my way every day. This sounds like ages ago, but if you see our Commspoint tool today, you’ll understand how much things changed around here!

I like working at Pointlogic because it is an open, casual company, with no fancy bureaucracy – all developers have a common goal: creating the best solutions for our clients, while allowing each other to have the spotlight from time to time.

Getting hired at Pointlogic 

Being hired at Pointlogic as a Software Engineer at this moment is not only challenging, but is a task that will keep your hands full. This is because we are simultaneously working on two tracks: the first one is migrating our big and complex solution to web and the second one is developing new functionalities for clients, which means continuously growing and improving.

While migrating our tools to web can seem like an easy task, we face many challenges that we need help with, such as multi-threading, parallelization and distributed computing. If you will become our colleague, you will help us with (not only) improving and migrating the back-end and the front-end to the cloud, but also designing the interface. Last but not least, we will want to keep the entire process smart, flexible, agile and we will continuously think along with the solution and our clients. So, there is a lot of work to do!

Pointlogic is a great workingplace

There is room for saying your opinion out loud and you can plan your own time (Pointlogic has flexible working hours, flex-desk policy and you can work from home when needed). In addition, Pointlogic is a good place to grow - firstly, because there are more than enough challenges in our daily work - you'll never get bored. And you can find them not only in building new things (everybody can do that), but also in maintaining or improving old things (that can be the greatest challenge).

Secondly, because you have the support to develop the things you like and the freedom to decide what is that you want to do, from back-end to UI.

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