Jacolien - From Analytical Consultant to Data Scientist

"I have a background in Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente and from 2006 I was an Analytical Consultant. After 10 years of working on a great variety of clients, but with a single product focus, I decided to switch my role and since October 2016 I’ve joined the data science team doing a mix of project management and data science work.

Pointlogic is a good place to grow because there are so many things to do and projects to be part of. If you have specific interests, the management will support you and will try to facilitate that. In addition, I like also my colleagues – even if we are growing so fast in the last time, I still have the feeling of a family. People are working together to make good products, not for their personal success. That’s because the work itself its rewarding enough, so people don’t need to be in the spotlight.

Setting aside the biking to the office, the coffee time, the calls with Nielsen and the team meetings, my working days consist of looking into data sources that we receive, figuring out how things link to each other and doing analyses for the new data stream that we need to feed into the software. And additionally, I work together with the software implementation team to make sure that our new data feeds are showing the correct results in the software.

When I am not working at Pointlogic, I like to try new knitting patterns - you’ll be surprised how similar working with data and knitting are: you are following patterns, you are consistent and eager to see the end result." 

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