Eni - A Market Implementation Manager with multiple talents

"Since September 2016, I am one of the three Market Implementation Managers from Pointlogic. Before moving to the Netherlands for my Masters studies, I have lived and studied in the UK. Pointlogic is a good place to grow because of the good mentoring and the training offered. You have the possibility to tailor your job based on your personal goals of self-improvement and, thanks to the work diversity, you can always gain new skills.

Pointlogic equals an open working environment – we have flexible desks and the possibility to work from home, which breaks the usual work monotony. Seeing the fact that it is an international environment, you are in constant contact with people from different backgrounds, cultures and professions. In addition, even if I have a great sense of independence, people that surround me are a real support on the professional level, but also on the personal level. 

Working here can be quite challenging and includes a wide variety of tasks (from product development to direct client contact) and the feeling of helping to achieve a bigger goal, allows you to feel like an important part of the team. I really like my work because I can help creating a bridge between the developers and the client; I have the possibility to travel for work, to train the local teams and I can use three different languages at work: English, Italian and French. Fun fact, I just came back from a working trip from Milan!

How does a normal working day look for me? - Meetings and calls (with the other MIMs, with the developers, or with clients) fill up a significant part of my day. In addition, I am testing the software to see if our work meets the client’s needs. I am also relying on developers and local teams, so my work involves a lot of cooperation and the ability to prioritize and keep calm during emergencies. However, as a bonus, I can join the work gym when I feel overwhelmed. 

In my free time, I have a food blog with Albanian recipes and I manage a Rotterdam food Instagram account, so I am always searching for great restaurants and cafes. Same goes for visiting new countries, with the main purpose of trying new cuisines and wine tasting. At this moment, I train for Ladies Run in Rotterdam, which supports a charity for breast cancer awareness."

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