Working at Pointlogic means growing at a fast pace, and that's the reason why we are constantly looking for new talent to join the team. Below you can find the stories of some of our colleagues and their motivations and working experiences. Apply today and write your own story at Pointlogic!


Jacolien Kuipers - From Analytical Consultant to Data Scientist

"I have a background in Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente and from 2006 I was an Analytical Consultant. After 10 years of working on a great variety of clients, but with a single product focus, I decided to switch my role and since October 2016 I’ve joined the data science team doing a mix of project management and data science work. Pointlogic is a good place to grow because there are so many things to do and projects to be part of. If you have specific interests, the management will support you and will try to facilitate that. In addition, I like also my colleagues – even if we are growing so fast in the last time, I still have the feeling of a family. People are working together to make good products, not for their personal success. That’s because the work itself its rewarding enough, so people don’t need to be in the spotlight.

Setting aside the biking to the office, the coffee time, the calls with Nielsen and the team meetings, my working days consist of looking into data sources that we receive, figuring out how things link to each other and doing analyses for the new data stream that we need to feed into the software. And additionally, I work together with the software implementation team to make sure that our new data feeds are showing the correct results in the software.

When I am not working at Pointlogic, I like to try new knitting patterns - you’ll be surprised how similar working with data and knitting are: you are following patterns, you are consistent and eager to see the end result." - Jacolien Kuipers, Data Scientist

Juri van Tuijl - from Delphi to .NET

Juri is Lead Software Developer for two Pointlogic products: Commspoint and Brandpoint positioning."I started working at Pointlogic 8 years ago, in the period when we were using Delphi instead of .NET. This sounds like ages ago, but if you see our Commspoint today, you’ll understand how much things changed around here! I like working at Pointlogic because it is an open, casual company, with no fancy bureaucracy – all developers have a common goal: creating the best solutions for our clients, while allowing each other to have the spotlight from time to time.

There is room for saying your opinion out loud and you can plan your own time (Pointlogic has flexible working hours, flex-desk policy and you can work from home when needed). In addition, Pointlogic is a good place to grow - firstly, because there are more than enough challenges in our daily work - you'll never get bored. And you can find them not only in building new things (everybody can do that), but also in maintaining or improving old things (that can be the greatest challenge). Secondly, because you have the support to develop the things you like and the freedom to decide what is that you want to do, from back-end to UI." - Juri van Tuijl, Lead Software Developer. 

From student-assistant to Project Manager

The best example is the story of Melanie van Kempen, with a tenure of 9 years within Pointlogic: ' I joined Pointlogic as a student-assistant in 2007, when I was about to start my masters in Econometrics. After writing my thesis at Pointlogic, I’ve joined the company full-time, as an Analytical Consultant. Back then, I was working on projects that involved econometric modeling, both for Dutch and international clients. Besides the focus on econometrics, I’ve learned about the Media and Marketing field, working with clients and translating analytical results into easy-to-understand recommendations. A few years later, I was given the opportunity to join our newly-founded office in Singapore, where, for 2 years, I’ve closely worked with clients - which was a great professional and personal experience. Since moving back to The Netherlands, I mainly focus on project management and I’m also partially responsible for our modeling team'. - Melanie van Kempen, Project Manager

From Econometrics students to Analytical Consultants

'If you are interested in Media in combination with Econometrics and looking for a great place to write your thesis, work as a student or start your career you should definitely come by and see what we have to offer. You will work in a young and fun team, on exciting projects for very cool clients. This is why I decided to stay at Pointlogic after my thesis and am still having a lot of fun, as full-time analytical consultant!' - Jelle Lock, Analytical Consultant

'What I mostly liked about writing my thesis at Pointlogic was the relevance of my thesis topic to the company. I worked with real data, and the results of my thesis provided useful insights for the company that can actually be used for future projects. Furthermore, I did not have much experience with Bayesian modeling before I started writing my thesis, nor did I have any experience with multi-level modeling and Variational Bayes. This was no problem at all, because an excellent thesis supervisor at Pointlogic guided me, and I feel like I’ve really learned a lot here.'Marijtje van Leeuwen, Analytical Consultant  

Women in Software Development

  At Pointlogic, we are always looking for new talent – no matter the gender, nationality or even location. However, we are giving a little kick to the gender gap and we are encouraging woman coders to join our big family.

Read the stories of Amy Garcia Kennedy (Business Intelligence Developer), Anna Sheremet (Software Engineer) and Anna Rusanova (Software Engineer) and learn how’s to be a software developer (woman) at Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company.