Commspoint Journey

Commspoint Journey puts high resolution insights on journeys in 30+ categories into the hands of communication and brand strategists. 

The relationships between brands and consumers have been turned upside down. Instead of brands running the show with all the terminology of “targets” and “campaigns” they are now challenged to keep up with consumers who define trends, share them, review the attempts of brands to keep up and all the while live in a world with thousands of media options both broadcast and personally curated. This world can’t be managed with funnels. A focus on consumer journeys is the modern framework that can help. 

Our solution

Consumer journey models and research already exists, but Pointlogic have scaled it up and made it affordable for every pitch and project. Large-scale surveys delivered in software that provides organisations with the tools they need to understand the complex mix of attitudes, motivations and behaviour that surround each purchase. Typical surveys talk to 5,000 or more people who provide the stories behind specific recent purchases, creating a database that, in the US, will shortly grow to 25,000 purchases.

Participants tell us about purchases from 37 categories, with individuals questioned on their needs, emotions and decisions along the journey. The data is delivered in easy-to-navigate software that allows marketers to quickly identify key insights and patterns.

With Commspoint Journey data flowing in from the US, Asia and Europe, it is also becoming possible to compare and map journeys across demographics and geography. 

Journey features

The system provides an affordable, low-risk framework upon which agencies and brands can organise important consumer journey insights.

Journey encompasses five stages to describe how we live with brands - Being, Starting, Exploring, Buying and Enjoying. These explore the breadth and depth of consumer experiences, ranging from early brand awareness and consideration through to sales influences and post-purchase behaviour. The survey includes:

  • Category attitudes – Is this an important item for you?
  • Contexts – Who was it for?
  • Point-of-purchase influences – Promotions or reviews?
  • Brand choices – Was the choice pre-determined?
  • Social activities – Did you tell a friend, post a review?
  • Media influences – what helped you?
  • Journey duration – Overall and by stage?
  • Nature of purchase – Out of stock or special treat?

Commspoint Journey is available as either a syndicated or custom solution, giving brands and agencies maximum flexibility based on their needs. If the one-size-fits-all nature of syndicated is too broad, then we can support diving in with qualitative, quantitative and custom frameworks and brand level insights. 

Journey benefits

There's no denying consumer journeys are a hot topic among media and marketing professionals. Brands want to know more about the factors driving consumer decisions and agencies must show they have the capabilities to deliver this information.

With Commspoint Journey, organisations benefit from high quality insights made affordable due to the benefits of syndication Consumer insights that may previously have been based on gut instincts or anecdotal evidence can now be measured, quantified and analysed with ease.

Commspoint Journey can help agencies and brands optimise planning activities in a number of ways:

  • Create stronger pitches and win new business
  • Boost confidence among existing clients
  • Save money compared with traditional customised surveys
  • Build workshops around journey data
  • Encourage a holistic approach to journey analysis
  • Develop an effective journey planning framework
  • Generate charts to visualise results and sway stakeholders 

Taking the next steps

Despite its strengths, Commspoint Journey is just one piece in the marketing planning puzzle. The software has a channel ranking system that enables brands and agencies to identify key contact points, but for more detailed planning and activation tasks, users should then work with Commspoint Influence.

With sample groups consisting of thousands of buyers and extensive planning features, Commspoint Influence can build upon the insights learned in Journey to produce a robust media communications plan that covers all the bases.