Commspoint Influence

Commspoint Influence is the leading Global strategic planning platform that helps successful agencies to identify the right objectives for a campaign and then to help assemble the best combination of media with which to influence the consumers who the brand wishes to talk with.

Our focus is not on whether to use one newspaper or website versus another, but instead of focusing on how different types of media can come together to deliver and emphasise a message by using their different strengths in reach, power and efficiency. At no time in human history have there been more types of media which can be used to communicate and converse with consumers. We help you to navigate that world.

Our solution

The basic flow goes like this. Complete a briefing and tell the tool all you know about the brand, its situation and objectives. Review the summary of objectives and make some choices about what to focus on. Then use the strategic aids like channel rankings and infographics to make some broad choices about whose on the list. Finally powerful plan building engines can give recommendations about actual budget allocations and what the plan might deliver.

An effective planning platform is based on three things. The data, the analytics and the software itself. Commspoint Influence is data neutral. It can run on multiple sources of intelligence. As a minimum we need to understand the reach of channels and their power or suitability. This data can come from many places. We have our own successful Commspoint Influence Research which runs our US syndicated service. We also have built proprietary versions powered by large scale client surveys and global datasets of effectiveness studies. These can be respondent level data hosted in the tool or online results databases pulled in through APIs and other methods.

Irrespective of the data sources the analytics have a crucial role. We need to turn the surveys and other data into response curves to capture the diminishing returns known to govern any media exposures. We also need to understand how the media can reach people so that our manual and optimised plans can faithfully replicate the likely reach that each channel can bring. A host of other technical factors must be managed from time based decay rates to duplication between media.

The software brings it all together. Commspoint has evolved to deliver a wide range of functions and to address the proprietary thinking of our agency and client partners. Word clouds, doughnuts, tiles and curves all have a place alongside more traditional visualisations and everything can be easily exported.

Commspoint Influence features

For each of the steps it supports, Commspoint Influence is a feature-rich yet easy to use platform. Some of the things it can help do include:

  • Work at respondent level and create custom targets quickly and easily
  • Combine Pointlogic data with industry sources through the ability to implement fusions with any dataset
  • Ability to work with 60+ communication channels from traditional to digital and spanning paid, owned and earned
  • Features that support on the fly creation of custom channels that are fully integrated into the rest of the tool
  • Reach and frequency curves customised for all media and editable within a project
  • Effect curves and frequency guidelines within every project
  • Insights to support strategic planning from channel ranks to correspondence maps
  • Powerful optimisation engines that can handle a wide range of constraints and guard rails

Describing Commspoint Influence is also a bit of a moving target. One of its unique characteristics is the ease with which it has been customised for clients that want to deliver their specific planning approach. Customisation can mean working with specific data or a huge portfolio of functions and visualisations that ensure that the core planning tool in the agency talks with the personality and voice of the agency.

And amazingly training takes only a couple of hours typically as the tool is so friendly and designed for pick up and play.

Commspoint Influence benefits

We believe that clients who use Commspoint Influence get better briefing inputs from their clients and in turn are better at achieving a consensus view on the campaign objectives.

In turn, the strategic planning phase is more grounded in empirical data and better supported for crucial decisions on which channels to support and how much support is enough.

All in all, this adds up to the simple belief that using Commspoint Influence will improve your strategic planning and that will lead to happy clients and a more successful agency.

Taking the next steps

Commspoint Influence can be your choice in a single market or for a Global network deployment. It can work with your data or ours. It can focus intensively on a single category and audience or be a perspective on 60+ categories and thousands of target audiences.

If you want better plans, get in touch.