Aleksandar - A day in the life of a Scala Developer

"Have you ever slowly crawled towards your office in the morning, without any prospects or major challenges for days or weeks even?! Guess what – working at Pointlogic is nothing like that!

Every day at Pointlogic starts with a full plate of various tasks, that you can either choose from JIRA or sometimes, eh... they choose you. The working environment is vivid and fast developing and new projects are popping up like popcorn. 

We do Scrum and we have two or three week-long sprints sticking pretty much with tasks defined there, but we are not too formal with implementing all Scrum routines - common sense prevails here in the first place. We communicate a lot among ourselves but also with other teams; especially with ETL team, which feeds our Spark application with data and .Net team, which provides slick user experience to the customers. Whenever we have any doubts about business logic, there are always Market Implementation Managers eager to help, but also to push development toward desired direction.

In Pointlogic, the team I am part of is called the Spark team, because Spark is in the core of our application. But we are more than that, we are the heart of Pointlogic and  our product is a highly sophisticated engine that consumes data, delivering high speed calculations and precise results, exactly like a heart (metaphorically speaking). And this is what makes us leaders in strategic marketing solutions.

We are Scala developers, but everyone can find his own niche according to their preferences. If you are crazy about functional paradigm and living on the bleeding edge of Akka, you' wil find plenty of joy here going through our algorithms, improving them or introducing new ones. If you prefer more data side work, no problem, we do a lot of data handling here, utilizing Spark SQL technologies, playing with DataFrames, DataSets, exploiting them massively and communicating a lot with ETLteam. If you are a more API oriented person, having a lot of RESTful experience, working with Spray or Play, you will find your place here, too. Moreover, if you are an expert in continuous development, you are more than welcome - we are using some quite new and exciting technologies here.

In conclusion, working at Pointlogic is for Scala developers like working in a candy store. I have been working for almost two years here and I cannot get enough of it, honestly."

Happy to join our Spark team and become a Scala developer at Pointlogic? Read our offer and apply here.