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Pointlogic offers innovative marketing decision support systems for brands, media/creative agencies and media owners across the globe.

The consumer journey can be a long and winding road - one that gets increasingly difficult for marketers to navigate every year. Brands, agencies and media owners need access to the latest research, comprehensive data and powerful analytics to gain key insights into the ever-changing media landscape. This is why Pointlogic has developed a sophisticated suite of decision support solutions for each stage of the marketing process. We help you bridge the gap between the qualitative and quantitative elements of modern marketing to achieve better ROI and campaign effectiveness.



Better financial management of marketing


Identify and prioritise brand opportunities and threats


Select channels to increase influence on consumers


Assure the best delivery of communication


Measure the value delivered by marketing


Pointlogic Bizpoint

Let’s face it. Validating and rationalising budgets is a process that involves many stakeholders, and is often a sensitive issue within brand companies. If you were tasked with taking the lead in a budgeting process, the likelihood of taking last year’s budgets while making a few tweaks here and there is high. Such an approach, however, won’t be optimal for the brand and product portfolio – navigating a landscape of ROI, short term vs long term, the need for market innovations, the need to sell manufactured goods, and reacting to competitor’s activities would all become too complex for a zero-based approach, which won’t satisfy various stakeholders.


Pointlogic Brandpoint

Whichever way you look at it, identifying and focusing on the opportunities for your brand is at the heart of growing your business. If you put marketing dollars where there is no real opportunity, they will be wasted dollars no matter how well the execution. But in today’s world, brands can interact with customers in so many different ways, making the paths to purchase a lot more complex. This has increased the pressure on marketers to provide the right brand strategies, detailed planning of the overall customer experience as well as to understand and act upon motivations and barriers faced by customers during their customer journey.


Pointlogic Commspoint

Brands have so many options when optimising their customer communications that finding the right strategy can seem an overwhelming task. Faced with specialist agencies in every field, an ever-growing number of contact points and increasingly discerning consumers, it's not surprising that organisations see just as many marketing challenges as they do opportunities. However, with the correct processes in place and access to sophisticated data and insights, brands and agencies can build a collaborative planning environment in which to make the best choices on communications budgets.



Pointlogic Pinpoint

We understand media. For two decades we have provided the market with media planning, buying and evaluation solutions for television, online media, out-of-home (we pioneered route-choice behaviour for OOH measurement), magazines and newspapers. Many agencies are still challenged by the client demand for optimisation of reach, flighting, and media procurement etc. Recently we are observing a clear movement towards planning and evaluation across multiple media simultaneously. This is changing as more and more markets adopt single-source data with media behaviour for various media, for example, TV, online media, magazines, newspapers, and mobile. In some cases, this also includes shopping behaviour. The challenge today is therefore to make these complex and large databases useful and assessable to media planners and buyers.


Pointlogic Valuepoint

Many businesses are still clueless as to how effective their marketing communication really is. Even if there are reports reflecting the reach of media campaigns, or the media value of PR, CTRs and ‘Likes’ for digital activities, there is no integrated overview of the contribution various activities have on the metrics that really matter: sales, brand equity and the consumer relationship. Proper studies have shown that the best performing marketers have access to such an overview. Without such information, they would neither be able to hold informed discussions with agencies to improve the quality of their work nor identify areas of overspending and other forms of wastage. To improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, one needs to first understand how effective one currently is!

Brandindex Pointlogic

Pointlogic and YouGov BrandIndex release top-10 buzz brands in Mexico

Facebook, Google and WhatsApp in the top-3 of the BrandIndex BUZZ Mexico 2016 ranking The ranking measures the perception of Mexican consumers on more than 250 brands and 16 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s.

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Nielsen tests tool to measure cross media campaigns

Digital metrics, one of the main challenges of those who work with advertising and marketing, may be about to gain a new ally. By the end of this month, Nielsen will launch in Brazil the TAR (Total Ad Rating) tool, which aims to provide the market with a detailed view of multi-platform campaigns

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Overcoming the biggest media planning challenges of 2016

The media landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed. This is hardly headline news; agencies are all too aware of the huge impact that digital technologies and shifting consumer behaviours have had on their marketing campaigns over the last ten to 15 years. 

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Luiz Gini | Neogama/BBH

"Commspoint Compose provides increased safety for the agency and our clients in relation to media mix recommendations. We now benefit from shared intelligence across multiple channels, which brings greater integration to our full-service offerings" - Luiz Gini, Director General of Media Neogama/BBH. 

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'Bringing the best together': Ready for LED 2018?


 The registrations for the LED 2018 will open on November 29, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. via

Pointlogic, speaker at CLABE Alumni Reunion in Bologna, Italy


Pointlogic is one of the senior speakers at the CLABE Alumni Reunion, in Bologna, Italy. The event will take place on Saturday November 11, 2017 and will welcome alumni and students from School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna. 

Pointlogic welcomes students from FAECTOR in the first Open Day


At Pointlogic we understand that if you have the talent and the right motivation, experience is not always necessary. 


Pointlogic is one of the senior speakers at the CLABE Alumni Reunion, in Bologna, Italy. The event will take place on Saturday November 11, 2017 and will welcome alumni and students from School of Economics, Management and Statistics, University of Bologna. 


At Pointlogic we understand that if you have the talent and the right motivation, experience is not always necessary. 

Nielsen acquires Pointlogic
Press release

Nielsen today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Pointlogic, a global leader in software and analytics solutions that improve marketing return on investment (ROI).


Pointlogic operates in various industries, including marketing, media and HRM. Available for the Dutch market, Pointlogic HR translates strategic options into predictable HR-effects.  

Pointlogic HR combines the passion for econometrics with HR, in order to provide insight into the impact of long-term decisions facing organizations today. Visit Pointlogic HR to find out more about their innovative services.